Satish Bhakta
Grasshoppers are strange. But, they appear alone and, well, they hop. That could be cute.

Locusts, on the other hand, are like suspiciously over-muscled versions of the grasshopper. Regardless of what they look like in pictures, anything that flies in a skittering, clattering way, undoubtedly aiming for your head, is always scary.

I remember the locusts.

They never came in the millions. They didn't even come in the thousands. We might at one time have seen hundreds. Still, these weren't the little dwarf suckers you see on plague documentaries on TV. These were the big AFRICAN locusts. Where one was scary, a dozen seemed like an alien invasion.

Funny thing; I remember the smell of locusts.
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  1. Joysze Says:

    Ironic that something so beautiful can be so destructive.